1186704_785698171468411_5807615821785070102_nAlmost 8,000 people in the United States die of oral and pharyngeal cancers every year, most of them elderly. Dr. Beckermeyer works with Pathways to Health, an ASI organization, to help provide free dental care clinics to people in the US. He also has worked with Mission of Mercy, Michigan, to provide relief closer to home.

In Kenya, Dr. Beckermeyer works with Global Village Ministries.  Dental hygiene is a rarity outside privileged urban regions. Cultural norms suggest that “it’s OK if your teeth fall out or if your teeth are broken. They think people are not going to die from it,” says former District Governor Geeta Manek.

10403204_827559830615578_2183329589898204523_nDr. Beckermeyer has also joined forces with United Hands, Inc. to help provide free, quality dental care internationally. When this group became aware of the need for similar services in the United States, they created FreeD.O.M. Clinic USA to help fill the need.