Dental Implants

Do You….

  • Have one or more missing teeth?
  • Have a fully grown jawbone?
  • Have sufficient bone to secure the implants?
  • Have healthy oral tissues?
  • Have no health conditions which could negatively affect bone healing?
  • Not wish or are incapable of wearing dentures?
  • Wish to improve your speech?
  • Feel willing to commit several months to the process?

If so, Dental Implants may be right for you!

Make your Appointment Today!!Dental Implant

Dr. Beckermeyer now provides dental implant surgery, a service in which the roots of a tooth are replaced with metal posts similar to screws, and the damaged or missing teeth are replaced with artificial ones that are functionally and visually much like real teeth.

Because the implants fuse with your jawbone, the implants won’t slip, make noise, decay remaining teeth, or cause bone damage like prosthetics such as bridges or dentures might. The main benefit of implants, however, is the firm support provided for your new teeth.

As this requires the bone itself to heal around the implant, the process may take several months based on healing time.

Because dental implants require one or more surgical procedures, you must have a thorough evaluation to prepare for the process, including a:

  • Comprehensive dental exam in which dental X-rays may be taken as well as models of your teeth and mouth.
  • Treatment plan which is tailored to your situation, detailing how many teeth you need or want replaced and the condition of your jawbone.

The implant placement surgery is then done by Dr. Beckermeyer, though a specialist may be consulted in advanced cases . Afterwards, an abutment will be placed and the crowns (artificial tooth) will be added. Our cutting edge technology will have the crowns placed in one day!