What Are People Saying?

“Dr. Beckermeyer is welcoming and friendly without the threat of wasting his patients’ time. The staff there is very professional and always gets the job done quickly and the right way. It’s great to not feel like my dentist is in a rush, and he hasn’t done that either. He has the perfect balance.” ~N.M.

“My experience with Dr. Beckermeyer has been great since my aunt recommended him. I was very pleased with his staff, scheduling and overall experience. I did not have to wait six months to schedule a first time visit, and his office scheduled my second appointment for a time that was best for me!” ~M.G.

“Dr. Beckermeyer is so funny! He balances having a great sense of humor with professionalism during our appointments. The staff there is always great. They are very nice and attentive when speaking to me. I appreciate their meticulous nature.” ~C.M.

“I was in a few months ago to get some extensive work done on my front teeth. They had gotten so bad that I was trying to hide them and look away from my friends when smiling so that they wouldn’t notice. Dr. B didn’t scold me about any bad habits that may have led to their decay, or ask me why I had waited so long for treatment. Instead, he treated me with respect and compassion. And when a portion of his work failed, he did not blame me, but redid it with the same kindness and respect shown me at my first appointment. I ended up with Cerec crowns on my front teeth, and am so happy with them! I finally feel confident smiling for pictures.” ~L.B.

“I love how caring and friendly Dr. Beckermeyer and his staff are.  They are so friendly and extremely professional.  There is such a high level of professionalism that is very obvious and appreciated.  They definitely do not waste time, but are friendly and jovial throughout appointments.” ~E.B.

“I had such a painless visit when I went to Dr. Beckermeyer. The staff was great! So great that I’ve already recommended him to all my clients.” ~C.C.


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