Restorative Dentistry

Bestpatient-examRestorative Dentistry is about managing oral health problems, then restoring your mouth to a beautiful and functional state.

The goal is for you to be able to keep as many of your own natural teeth as possible. This is done by replacing already missing teeth and filling in any empty spaces in your mouth.

If you are missing many of your teeth, dentures are another aspect of restorative dentistry.

Dr. Beckermeyer offers the following in his practice:

  1. Fillings are the most common type of dental restoration, and Dr. Beckermeyer can make them look and act like your own teeth!

  2. Crowns are a tooth-shaped “cap” that look and function like natural teeth. Try our same-day crowns that will match the shade of your own teeth!

  3. Bridges are false teeth used when one or more teeth are missing. Bridges can be anchored on either side by crowns and cemented permanently into place.

  4. Implants are a small post made of metal that are placed into the bone socket where teeth are missing. The implant is covered with a crown, giving you an artificial tooth that will act like a natural one.

  5. Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues and may be complete or partial depending on the state of your mouth.